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XRAY 2014 Mid-year Meeting Was Held Successfully

Date:2014.11 Label:Latest News Source:Administrator

On August 30, 2014, in brilliant sunshine of the summer,. The 2014 Mid-Year Meeting of Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co., Ltd was held successfully. All the staffs participated. There are three parts in this meeting, including: XRAY 2014 Mid-Year summary, small interactive games and the dinner.
Mr. Zhou, the sales director, made an important speech at the meeting. The work of the first half of the year was summed up: the worsening market situation, the insufficient staffs, praised and the outstanding employees. At the same time on the first half of the year Sales Department I made a summary, including medical car sales performance, two bone density instruments sales, and the plan of  second half of 2014. The trust expressed and look forward to the future.
Small interactive games were organized which improved the atmosphere,  The feelings were enhanced by the songs and dances. Finally, the dinner begun which promoted the atmosphere to the top.



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